On Our Minds

When you have something on your mind, think it through, write it down and share it!

We were all saddened to hear of the passing of our brother George. He will be deeply missed by all of us that knew him and loved him. Lift up Sister Sue and his family in your prayers and ask for their souls to be comforted. Death, in the Christian's view, is strange compared to the world's view. It is strange in that it is a paradox of what appears to be opposite points of view. Death for us is a mixture of a time of sadness and a time of joy. We are saddened when a loved one is gone but also joyous to know that they have received their reward. We seek to live lives like Paul who, when the end comes, we can say that we have finished the course and we have kept the faith.
The last quarter of 2020 was not a happy time at the Buckley house. We saw 2 quarantines, 1 positive COVID-19 test and 28 collective absences from school. We missed people, events, and activities and I learned that in prolonged isolation, I can be a truly unpleasant person. Thankfully, my family still loves me and together we are looking forward to the new year with cautious optimism, but I am not going to make resolutions. Instead, I am going to borrow the idea of a blogger I like who has made it her custom each January, to choose one word that will serve as her guide and encompass her goals for how she hopes to live out that year. For myself this year, I have decided my word will be gratitude.
I remember riding through the countryside years ago looking at the farms. It was not unusual to see a mule pulling a plow with a farmer riding on the plow guiding the mule. The farmer was plowing rows to be seeded.

The mule seemed to be focused on his job, pulling the plow. The farmer was focused on keeping straight lines so many inches apart.
Vivian does the taking out of the full cans of trash to the street and I bring back the empties. This task for me causes me to think of the changes that have been made in the trash pickup schemes over the years. When I was a young child, growing up in North Little Rock, trash pickup was much different. Your trash cans had to be accessible from the street and the trash men would actually go into our back yard, haul the big, silver cans to the street, dump them in the truck, and bring them back to our yard. The next change was that we had to haul the cans to the road and have them waiting for when the truck came. The next change was that the cans were not acceptable and we had to have trash bags by the road. The last change made was like it is here. You have to have a special can, wheeled to the road so a truck with a large robotic arm can pick them up and dump them.
Wouldn't it be nice if life were not all messy with things going wrong left, and right? Recently, I have endured a shed with termites, broken dishwasher, clogged drain, broken dryer, and my gas water heater failed to stay lit. Not to mention, permanently damaging my eye while removing a nail from the wall. I was just certain August was going to kill me, and what a way to celebrate my 60th Birthday!